Welcome to Skyline Baseball!

The Skyline Baseball League is a fictional take on the real-life MLB, with a few differences. The main difference is that the major league is not split up into 2 distinct leagues, but rather 4 regionally aligned divisions.

Because of this, the playoff format is unique; the best 3 teams in each division make the playoffs. Teams 2 and 3 will play a series while the #1 seeds have a bye. Then the winner will play their division's #1. You must make it through your division before you can face teams from other divisions in the playoffs.

The season is 156 game with 12 games against each member in your division and a 3 game series against every other team. There is a North/Atlantic - Central/Pacific All-star game that will take place in July.

The league was founded in 1980 and has operated continuously up until now, 2000. I did this for a few reasons. First, it gives the league an identity right from the start. There are no 30 year old players with no history. Secondly, you can use the history to properly evaluate the league environment. Instead of waiting 5 seasons and several months real-time, you can immediately see how things stack up. Finally, I know the league is stable. Sometimes with new leagues, things don't play out the way you planned. This file has been perfected through trial and error and it's completely ready to go with no changes needed.

Quick League Info

  • Full League Name (Initials):
    Skyline Baseball League
  • OOTP Version:
    OOTP 19 (yearly upgrade)
  • Players:
  • # Of Teams:
    32 total. 4 divisions of 8
  • Exports Days:
    Daily Export deadline 7 PM ET
  • League Time Per Sim:
    7 days
  • Season Length:
    156 games
  • Current Season:
    2003 (4th Season)
  • Unique League Rules & Settings:
    No Overall/Potential Stars, 20-80 scale, budget is based of revenue, scouting/coaches on, no DH, equal media revenue, playoff structure, StatsPlus enhanced league, Slack is required as the communications platform